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Elmer & Son Locksmiths

Offers a wide array of new & used residential & commercial type safes in our showroom.


We have found that most people interested in purchasing a safe have no idea that there is such a wide range to choose from. Below is a list of the different types of safes available:

Fire Rated Safes

These are designed to do one thing, protect the contents from burning up in case of a fire. In most cases this is paper which burns at about 450º , so most are rated at 350º for a specified amount of time. Please note, even though these safes have a combination and look like a very secure container, they are in fact very easy to compromise.


Burglary Rated Safes

This class is also designed to do one thing and that is protect its contents from a physical attack. However it will not protect its contents if there is a fire, and will in fact act more like an oven in one.


Composite Type Safes (both fire & burglary ratings)

This class is a very good all purpose type of container. Rated for both fire and burglary, it makes a great choice for a residential safe


Media Containers

This is a very specialized type of safe. It is similar to a standard fire rated safe, but is designed for data media. These have ratings of only 125º for a specific amount of time. If you own a business that creates backup computer tapes, we highly recommend purchasing a safe of this class.


Depository Type Safes

Used for temporary secure storage of money. They allow deposits to be mad through a slot or hopper and once dropped in are secure until a manager or owner can empty its contents. These diminish the risk of handling cash by employees.


Wall Safes

If you looking to hide your safe this type is a great option. Most are designed to be installed between the studs of a wall for easy concealment.


In The Floor Safes

Once installed in concrete, these safes offer very good burglary and fire protection.


Gun Safes

Everyone should keep their firearms protected! Gun safes come in a variety of ratings and sizes.


We also offer the following services for you existing safe:  Combinations changed

If you’re in need of a combination changed on your safe, we can come to your location and change it, or if the safe is small enough or the door can be removed you can bring it to us to save money on the service call 708-755-5273

Preventative Maintenance & Repairs

If your not sure when the last time your safe was serviced (or if at all), then you may want to call us. The last thing you want is you safe to lock up on you!

Safes Opened

If you do happened to get locked out of your safe we can get you in. We can accomplish this either by manipulating the combination or by drilling it open. If drilling is required we can also repair it back to working condition.

Safe Locks Upgraded to Digital Type

If you tired of “dialing” the combination every time you want to get in, we can upgrade your lock to a digital type. This allows quicker access to your safe and is just a secure as the older mechanical type.

Delivery & Installation of New Safes

If you purchase a safe from Elmer & Son we can deliver it and even install it if required.

Moving of Safes

Perhaps you’re moving and would like to take your safe with you, we can help with that too (due to safes being of varying sizes and weights, please call us with the details, as some safes may not be able to be moved).

Elmer & Son Locksmiths are manufacture representatives for the following safe companies.

AMSEC American Security Safes

Schwab Safes