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Residential Commercial

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Residential Locksmith Services

Elmer & Son Locksmiths offers a wide array of services, ranging from basic locksmithing to more modern things. We can take care of your needs by sending one of our service men to your location, or by coming to our store.

Below is a list for what we can do for you

Residential Locksmith Services


Residential Locks Repaired

Whether you have a new lock or perhaps an old mortise case lock from an older home we can in most cases repair it, but if not, show you what you could replace it with.

Residential Locks Rekeyed

Why should you have your locks rekeyed? Perhaps you’re moving into a newly constructed or existing home, or someone in your family lost a set of keys. Rekeying your locks insures who ever had an existing key won’t be able to gain access to your home anymore. You could call us for a service call, or to save some of the cost you could take the locks off and bring them to us.


Residential Deadbolt Installation

We extremely recommend the use of deadlocks on a home. They offer the best physical security possible for your exterior doors. Unlike a keyed knob lock which uses a spring to keep its latch in place that can be easily pried back and a strike plate that is attached to the frame by a couple of ½” wood screws which can be kicked in, a deadbolt locks the door into the frame with a solid 1” long steel bolt that can’t be pried back. It also has 3” long screws that go through the frame and into the wood stud to prevent forcible entry.

Residential Key Duplication

We have over 4000 different key blanks in stock, if we don’t have it chances are no one will! Our key duplicating machines are calibrated on a regular basis to make sure your key works the first time.

  • High security “laser cut” automotive keys
  • Transponder & VATS automotive keys
  • Virtually every foreign & domestic automobile keys
  • “Ace” type or “tubular” style alarm keys
  • Skelton or bit type keys
  • Safe deposit keys (authorization letter required from bank
Lockout Services
  • Home Lockout Services
  • Auto Lockout Services

Elmer & Son Locksmiths is a proud distributor for Medeco® high security locks and keys. They provide the greatest protection against picking, drilling, lock bumping and unauthorized key duplication.

Link to Medeco Website

High Security Locks

ESL Contactors and Residential Locksmith Hardware

At ESL we believe that customer service is the “key” to making a contract job run smoothly. What sets us apart from our competition is you only deal with one person for the entire project. From estimating to project managing it’s always that same employee. Unlike some of our competitors which have separate departments for estimating, detailing, purchasing and project managing that can make it difficult to find who you should be directing questions to. We know its much easier dealing with one person from the beginning to the end.

Another item were very excited about is our door frame and hardware schedules. We’ve been told by contractors and architects that its one of the easiest they ever had to review. Door openings are laid out clearly with elevations and hardware all on the same page. Please check out a sample of one here

A locksmith is an individual who works with locks, keys, safe boxes, and security systems. Locksmiths provide services for achieving entry to locked homes, vehicles, or any other lock. They offer handiwork on key replacement, unlocking mailboxes, keypads, smart locks, cars, safes, and more. A specialized locksmith can extract snapped or broken keys from existing locks, and make new keys to gain access. Their extensive knowledge does not stop at key making. Locksmiths are often certified in specific skills, like installing security systems and access control to residential and commercial security. When in need to pop a lock, contacting a local locksmith is the best way to go. Locksmiths near you will arrive quicker, delivering a much-needed fast service.

After prolonged usage, keys made out of metal becomes brittle or soft. When keys deteriorate, they can easily break off inside a lock, leaving a person locked out of a property or car. Locks can malfunction due to broken keys or another piece of fragment lodged into the lock keyhole. When dealing with a jammed keyhole, it is best not to try to attempt to remove it by sticking anything else in the opening. This can make the problem worse, causing more blockage or ultimately damaging the lock. A certified locksmith is essential to retrieve broken keys or any other debris removal. If the key to a residence, vehicle, or commercial property breaks, expert locksmiths nearby can handle the extractions with the proper tools stat. The locksmith will come out and remake the key and repair the lock, without collateral damage.