Hollow Metal Doors & Frames


ESL is a distributor of Mesker hollow metal material. Mesker, known as the company who invented the hollow metal door has been an industry leader for more than 150 years. Their material meets or exceeds all Steel Door Institute (SDI) and architectural design specifications. We stock many different door and frame sizes for your convenience, and also carry a supply of pre-welded frames for quick lead times.


Hollow Metal Door Types

“N” Series

This is Mesker’s non-handed door that meets the needs of most openings. Available in 18ga, 16ga and 14ga cold rolled steel or A60 galvanneal for exterior applications. Its standard core is made from polystyrene, but honeycomb and urethane are optional. It can be UL fire rated from 20 minutes up to 3 hours. All doors come with closer and lock reinforcement and a single coat of prime.

Steel Stuffed Metal Doors

This door has all the same features of the “N” Series except for the addition of vertical.

Hollow Metal Door Types

This door has all the same features of the “N” series except for the addition of vertical stiffeners running the full length of the door. These types of doors would be used in high abuse areas.

Temperature Rise Doors

These doors are almost identical to the “N” series as well, but have a fiberboard core which keeps the side of the door not exposed to the fire below 250ºF for 30 minutes

Multi-paneled Doors

Mesker offers doors embossed with anywhere from 2 to 9 panel configurations to add a more elegant look than just the standard flush door appearance. These doors too feature the same specifications as the “N” door.

Mesker’s offers many styles of hollow metal frame material. From equal rabbet to single rabbet to cased opened and double egress profiles. Whether you need a standard 3-sided welded frame or a custom sidelite frame, ESL can make whatever your requirements are. We are also a UL certified shop so we can take care of any fire rating requirements.

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Custom Wood Doors

If you’re in need of premium commercial wood doors for your project, ESL can supply a variety of different manufacturers. We can order from companies such as Algoma and Oshkosh, each which can exceed any architects specifications for constructions and quality. They both offer a full range of veneer options and can be pre-machined, pre-finish and from the factory. Both have good lead times and if the job needs to be done quickly they offer a fast track program which can get you factory finished doors in as little as 3 weeks.

Attached you’ll find both Algoma’s and Oshkosh’s standard stain color charts. If you need a custom color that to can be accomplished by submitting a sample for matching. Also attached are PDF’s showing the variety of wood veneers available, ways in which wood veneers are cut from the log and how the veneers are finally assembled on the door. 

Link to Algoma's website

Link to Oshkosh's website

Aluminum Interior Frames

Perhaps you have an architect wanting to use aluminum interior frames instead of hollow metal. We’ve got that covered too. We supply material from Western Integrated. They offer frame material in various wall sizes to meet any job requirements. They are available in standard clear, bronze and black anodized for quick deliveries. Custom baked on finishes are available to match most any color choice. All types of openings can be made with this material, from 3-sided door frames, to sidelites, to separate borrowed lites of any size.

Link to Western Integrated website


Plastic Laminate Doors

If you’re looking for a custom look for your doors there is the option of plastic laminate. Virtually any look can be achieved with this material. From any color to wood grain in any finish to all types of decorative metals. We supply doors from Poncraft Door Company, one of the original manufactures of architectural plastic laminate wood doors. Poncraft doors are built to withstand the most demanding high traffic areas, and best of all will never need to be refinished.

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Doors & Frames (FRP)

Why would you need “FRP” doors? These types of heavy duty doors and frames would be required if you have a high traffic area or highly corrosive area. They are designed to resist abuse, moisture, chemicals, salt air and a host of other environmentally troublesome elements. Unlike hollow metal and wood doors, FRP doors will never rust, split, peel or rot. They can be manufactured to meet virtually any application and accept any hardware. Another great feature is that the color goes all the way through the face sheet so scratches wont be as obvious as the would on other types of doors. They also resist fading and will never need painting. Available in standard sizes and colors

Link to Special-Lite website


Bullet Resistant Doors & Frames

Armortex® products provide the maximum bullet and blast resistance available today in a variety of UL Listed protection levels. They are used extensively in banks, check cashing facilities, corporate and government offices, courtrooms, prisons, safe rooms, money rooms and anywhere that ballistic resistant security is required. They manufacture hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, transaction windows, pass-thru windows including dip trays, drawers and hoppers. See attached PDF of their UL ratings.

Link to Armortex website


Self Closing Traffic Doors

If your next project calls for double acting impact doors we recommend doors manufactured by Eliason. They are the leading supplier of this type of door which are used in a variety of applications. From restaurants to supermarkets and department stores these are easily installed and have very low maintenance. They can be made from a wide array of sizes, styles and colors. See their attached literature for more details. ESL would be happy to give you a quote on any project requiring this type of door

Link to Eliason Corp website


ESL is distributors of many brands of commercial door hardware including material from both Allegion (formerly Ingersoll Rand) and Assa Abloy companies. No mater what the project calls out for, we’ve got you covered!

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