Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith Services


Elmer & Son Locksmiths offers automotive lock repair. Whether you have a 1940 Ford or a 2009 Chevrolet, we have the capabilities of working on most any vehicle or truck. From repairing ignition switches to door and trunk locks. Cars that are sold today have become very complex with “transponder” type keys that need to be programmed. Most people think it’s necessary to go back to the dealership for any key duplicates or when a key is lost, when in fact we can handle that for less than what they would charge.

We also work with many of the new car dealerships in the area when they have locks that need to be replaced. Just drop of the new lock and you customers existing key and we’ll rekey it so your customer doesn’t have to carry two different keys.

Give us a call first and let us know what you need. We’d be happy to give you a quote over the phone. Below is a list of what we have to offer:

  • Auto Lockout Service
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Broken keys removed from locks
  • Car Door Unlocking
  • Car Key Extraction
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Chip Programming
  • Duplication Keys
  • Fob
  • Hasp & padlocks installed on commercial vans
  • Ignition Switches
  • Key Fob Replacement
  • Key Pad Services
  • Keys by code
  • Lock Changing
  • Lock out service
  • Lock Repair
  • Lost Ignition Key
  • Lost keys domestic vehicles
  • Lost keys foreign vehicles
  • Rekeying of door & ignition locks for most vehicles
  • Rekeying door & ignition locks 
  • Rekeying of locks for new and used car dealerships
  • Transponder Key Programming
  • Vehicle Lockouts

Automotive Locksmith Service

Getting locked out of a car can be very a frustrating situation, and may cause a person to take desperate measures to get back into it. They may try to break a window or use a homemade Slim Jim to unlock a door, damaging their vehicle or injuring themselves in the process. It is best not to attempt to break into their car. It is always best to call for a professional vehicle locksmith nearby to get the job done safely and the fastest way possible.

Calling a professional auto locksmith is highly recommended if a person left the keys inside the car, trunk, or may have lost them along the way. This also includes lockouts due to faulty car keys, alarm malfunctions, keys jammed in the lock, frozen locks or damaged keys. Certified car locksmith experts have numerous ways of getting into a car, using specialized tools and providing roadside services for many kinds of emergency lockouts. Vehicle locksmiths can pick the lock, cut new keys, or provide keyless entry systems. This way, the car owner can get into the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible.

Lockout Service

After prolonged usage, keys made out of metal becomes brittle or soft. When keys deteriorate, they can easily break off inside a lock, leaving a person locked out of a property or car. Locks can malfunction due to broken keys or another piece of fragment lodged into the lock keyhole. When dealing with a jammed keyhole, it is best not to try to attempt to remove it by sticking anything else in the opening. This can make the problem worse, causing more blockage or ultimately damaging the lock. A certified locksmith is essential to retrieve broken keys or any other debris removal. If the key to a residence, vehicle, or commercial property breaks, expert locksmiths nearby can handle the extractions with the proper tools stat. The locksmith will come out and remake the key and repair the lock, without collateral damage.

Lockout Service